Are your ads attracting the right kind of clientele for growing your business faster?

Caller Data

“See Who Your Ads are Attracting”

Caller Name, Address and Demographics

Caller Data allows you to download all your call records into one simple-to-read Excel file that includes the caller’s name and address in a single cell. Upon Login, you select the date range of the calls you wish to review, and instantly see the results.

Once this data is downloaded into an Excel file,* it can be merged into a mailing-label program for instant mail marketing.

You can also merge the caller’s telephone number into an automated calling system. Since they called your toll-free number first, you have the right to call them when you are having a special sale or promotional program.

When reviewing the caller’s demographic statistics the same day you ran the ad, you know that it is attracting the kind of clientele that will grow your business.

Within seconds of their call, you know the ‘who, when, and from where’ details.

* When the data is downloaded into an Excel file, the name and address appear in a single cell and the telephone number is in a different cell in that same row. The name and address appear only from listed telephone numbers.