Capture and identify mishandled leads the same day they occur. Reduce mishandled calls: Listen, Train, Correct, Close.

Call Recording

“Know What Your Customers are Being Told”

Real Time Call Review

Call Recording is the tool that allows you to replay conversations, sharpen your staff’s phone sale skills, and create more sales. When using Call Review with your Vanity 800 number, you maximize your call results through increased sale productivity.

Employee Names

We supply you with account codes so that your employees are identified by name. When you Log into your Call Tracking reports, you see the name of the employee who received the call. You know in advance whose conversation you are listening to.

Target Training

Training new employees has never been easier. Start by having them review calls handled by your more experienced staff. Early in their training, their manager can have them listen to errors and review more successful calls.

Call Recording Functions:

Digital recordings of each call are accessible for 30 days and downloadable to your server’s Management Feature. Track the progress of a lead online – from first contact to closing.

The key feature is accommodating a one-on-one critique. Managers look for short calls, review them with sales staff, and critique them daily for faster lead-to-close.

How it Works:

  • After receiving and completing the ad response call, the salesperson enters their assigned 4-digit account code. It is catalogued in the call detail as their name.
  • Sales managers review the calls by listening to both sides of the conversation.
  • Isolate calls that require review. Download the best ones for corrective training.
  • Target-train new sales staff. Review and correct individual responses the same day the calls occur, while the call is still fresh in the mind of the trainee.