Sales Agent Opportunity – Earn Monthly Residual Income

If you are an experienced Independent Sales Agent, with a passion for helping companies grow, we offer the perfect product – Vanity 800 Numbers!

They sell themselves!

Since 1985, Vanity 800 Numbers have been instrumental in the explosive growth of many companies throughout America.

Corporate Image Marketing has partnered with a diverse group of service providers. Our Independent Agents can supply the most powerful package of products and Toll-Free Vanity Numbers available in telecom. Throughout the U.S. and Canada, our toll-free numbers are offered to businesses on a shared-use basis.

It has never been easier to find customers:

  1. Locate a number from our inventory that you want to market, for example 1-866-CARPETS.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on Select City and choose the “Change to National” option.
  4. Enter Carpet in the search box and click the Search button.
  5. When the options come up, select “Carpet and Rug Dealers. National.”
  6. There are 24,732 Carpet Dealers in America.
  7. Work from home. Start emailing Carpet Dealers to explain the value of 866-CARPETS for their business.

INCOME POTENTIAL: There are over 100 cities in America with populations in excess of 500,000 people. The average carpet related business works primarily within a 100-mile radius. The odds of developing one customer per city are very good. At $195.00 per month, per customer, the residual commission for the development of just one number is very respectable.

LONG TERM RESIDUAL: You can expect to retain 90% of your original customers, still using this number, after five years. The reason – they are still in business. Think about it. A carpet dealer who has printed 866-CARPETS on his business cards, his brochures, and his company trucks will continue to use his number as long as he remains in business. He would not like to see a competitor get the benefit of his advertised number.

Since 1994, CIM has provided Vanity 800 Numbers nationally. As long as there are telephones, there will be a need for small businesses to have an easy-to-remember contact number.

We provide you with the following support materials:

  • Live One-On-One Training
  • A list of Top-Level Toll-Free Vanity Numbers to choose from
  • Email Marketing Materials for Sales Support
  • Real-Time Call Tracking, Call Recording, and Caller Data for every caller
  • Free Minutes for Customers with Term Contracts
  • Matching Customer-Use Websites in many industries
  • Testimonials from Current Customers who use our numbers
  • Free TV and Radio ads in Select Categories

REQUIREMENTS: If you have motivation to work at your computer and telephone for 4-5 hours every day, we can help you develop long-term residual income that many people only dream about.

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