Frequently Asked Questions:

Will a Vanity Number really help my business?

Yes. A good Vanity Number makes a memory-imbedding, powerful first impression. Your ad has 7-9 seconds to create memory retention. A memorable Vanity Number will increase your ad responses by 20-30%.

Your Vanity 800 Number helps customers remember you when they see your website, your business cards, your ads, and your company vehicles.

My business and my budget are small. Can I afford your service?

We have a plan for every budget. We have found, on average, one additional customer each quarter will cover our cost to you.

Can a Vanity Number save my company money?

Yes, in many ways:

  1. Vanity-PRO: Every dollar you spend on advertising to make the phone ring increases your ROI (Return-On-Investment). By increasing your Ad Response, even a fraction, you reduce your customer acquisition cost and increase your profit.
  2. Track-PRO: Teaches you which ads are working stronger than others. By eliminating the low return ads, you increase your ROI.
  3. Target Training: Faster training results in more sales and a shorter staff-training time.
  4. Caller Data: When you know who’s calling you, your ads can directly pinpoint your potential customers.
We plan to use the internet for customer service.

Until telephones are replaced by mental telepathy, your phone number is your most powerful marketing tool. The Internet promotes more business by making it easy for your customers to find you. Your website makes a stronger first impression when your vanity number is placed on your landing page.

What if my Vanity 800 Number has more than 7 letters?

The call always goes through. Telephone companies know that many Vanity Numbers are 8, 9, and 10 digits long (consider 1-800-PROGRESSIVE). If the number you select is longer than 7 letters, your calls will always get to you.

What about a partial Vanity Number like 866-641-SOLAR? I can get it for free!

Many tests have compared full Vanity Numbers to partial mixed Vanity Numbers. Words are the key. Words create memory retention. Mixed vanity numbers are harder to remember and actually create a negative impression.

How do I know that a Vanity Number increases my ad response?

Studies performed since 1986 have proven that Vanity Numbers receive 25% to 35% more Ad Response calls than a traditional numeric toll-free number.

What if I want to use more than one Vanity Number in my ads?

We recommend sticking with the same Vanity Number for your TV and Radio Ads. We can provide you with additional Vanity Numbers, at a lesser cost, for your print ads. These additional numbers allow greater flexibility for your advertising campaigns and also provide better Tracking results.

How long has CIM been in business?

The principals of CIM have been associated as a team in the telecommunications and internet industry since 1990. We have over fifty years of combined experience in all phases of telecommunications, marketing, advertising, and branding.

How does a Shared-Use Number help my business grow?


Let’s say that you are using a shared-use Vanity Number that is being used by companies selling the same product or service in other cities. When new residents move into your city and start shopping for that same product or service, they will dial the number they used in the city they left. It’s human nature to repeat what has worked before.

My business has many offices. Can we all share the calls and the Internet leads?

Yes. CIM currently serves many clients with multiple offices in the same city or state. We have Vanity Numbers and Internet lead solutions for every demand your company requires.

How can you help me to answer the phone after hours?

Our staff of live-operators are professionally trained to handle your calls after hours and on weekends. They are delivered to your email immediately.

What happens when my contract expires? Do I lose my number?

You never lose your number as long as your contract remains valid. It is always your option to renew. Since 1994, we have many customers using our vanity numbers at the same cost as their original contract price.

Will you ever raise my rates?

All term contracts have the same price renewal guarantee.


Does my Vanity Number work from Cellular Phones?


Yes, you receive calls from any type of telephone when your Vanity Number is dialed.

Can I use my Vanity Number nationally?


CIM has a large inventory of toll-free numbers that are available for national use.


Will you help me place my ads on TV and Radio?


CIM has a relationship with one of America’s leading retail advertising and public relations companies, The Larry John Wright Agency. In the last 40 years, Larry John Wright Agency has placed over one-quarter of a billion dollars in media advertising. When you are a CIM customer, we guarantee that you will receive the lowest media placement rates available. We provide professional service and save you money.